3D Audio Projects – Binaural Mixes

Headphones are recommended

Peter Hackl-Lehner

Experiencing an ordinary 2D nature documentary immersively – that was the goal of the 3D audio documentary

The report on marmots and eagles was completely dubbed and the sound tracks were arranged in a 3D space – so that (with headphones) you sit in the middle of the action thanks to binaural encoding.

3D Audio Documentary (binaural mix)

Ingrid Song

„Das Summen Wiens“ is a documentary about the relevance of bees in a big city. The project was created in cooperation with the Film & TV masterclass.

My job was to clean up all the interviews, Foley Recording, Sound Design and finally a final mix in Dolby Atmos (Stereo, 7.1.2 and Binaural). Here is the binaural mix of the documentary:

Das Summen Wiens – Binaural

Matthias Krenn

The audio-visual installation „IceFloats“ concerns itself with the theme of anthropogenic global warming and the consequent melting of the still present ice caps and glaciers.

It allows a deeper engagement with the topic through visitor participation. Stronger human input leads to stronger response of the installation through auditory and visual stimuli.

Thus it becomes a meditation on the insignificant day-to-day human actions on a micro scale which lead to unforeseen consequences in the long run.

The installation is realized in a 16-channel Ambisonic format. For the purpose of this online demonstration the audio has been rendered binaurally. Headphones are recommended.

Maximilian Treitler

In the scope of this project a 3D Audio Only Game was created. The game algorithm is written in Max MSP and the sound is controlled using the IEM Plugin Suite. The interaction for the gamer is provided through interacting with a small basked equipped with sensors. This data is processed with an Arduino using the Arduino IDE.
In it’s final form, the game is played in a speaker array organised in the shape of a sphere but there is also a binaural decoding option enabling the game to be played with headphones.

What it’s about

What it sounds like

Expansion – Thomas Nagl

Since spatial audio/3D audio/360° audio was the topic of our third semester, I created a 4-piece EP in the ambisonics format, called „Expansion“.

In a total length of about 20 minutes, a sonic travel through different eras of electronic music, such as musique concrète, ambient, cosmic music, electro punk, electronic body music, electro, techno, jungle or IDM can be experienced.
Not only is this EP about the „lifespan“ of electronic music (up to a certain point), it also sets the average expectancy of a human being as its framework and is based around different periods, not only genre-wise, but also human-life-wise.

Binaural Mixes of the 4 tracks can be heard below.

  • Fundament & Init (prenatal phase & birth)
  • Quantize & Revolt (childhood, adolescence, early adulthood)
  • Sustain & Crisis (adulthood)
  • Decay & Release (seniority & death)

Thomas Maislinger

Binauralia – Listen to the elements

A self- written 3D audio (Ambisonics) radio play that has been rendered as a binaural stereo as well as a multichannel format file.


A young warrior (gender is not revealed to provide a gender-equal immersive experience) wakes up in a rainforest. After a short time, a divine-sounding voice explains to the protagonist where he/she is and what is in store for him/her. Very quickly it becomes clear what it is all about. The protagonist is a chosen warrior who has to walk the path of the 4 elements to save the dying guardian of the forest and thus its inhabitants from destruction. For this purpose, the elements earth, water, wind and fire are presented as acoustic scenarios and landscapes through which the protagonist is led until he/she reaches the end and becomes a true warrior.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Lukas Zeiler

Yamabiko – an Ambisonics audio drama

Yamabiko is a binaural Sci-Fi audio drama that was produced in 7th order Ambisonics. The story, recording, voice acting, mixing and mastering was all done and created by Lukas Zeiler.

Dominik Lanterdinger

Innersound – An immersive Music Experience

Innersound is a binaural music composition that was produced in 3rd order ambisonics. Making use of machine learning and algorithmic composition techniques, Innersound resulted in an experimental and drone heavy musical peace of 10 minutes length. Enjoying music as an immersive experience – that was the goal of the three-dimensional music composition.

The full length binaural version can be heard below: