Mario Brandstetter

As a dedicated Master’s student specializing in 3D Audio and Sound Design, my passion for the intricacies of music production has evolved into a profound commitment to forging a rewarding career in professional audio. Building on my foundational education in Medientechnik, I have spent the past several years actively contributing to the dynamic landscape of the film industry. My primary goal is to further specialize as a production sound mixer and sound designer, leveraging my expertise to create immersive auditory experiences that elevate the overall quality of cinematic productions.

This journey has not only equipped me with technical prowess but has also fostered a deep appreciation for the nuanced intersection of creativity and technology within the realm of audio. I am excited to continue honing my skills, contributing to innovative projects, and ultimately making a lasting impact in the world of professional audio.

Semester 1

I worked on a video dubbing which was done with MAX-MSP and used only synthetic sounds. Therefore I used a part of Massive Attack’s Musicvideo for their song Angel.

Paul Pfeiffer, Daniel Morgenroth and me also crafted a Sound Design for this Clip out of Lisa Hasenhütl’s short film „Vote“.

Semester 2

For our Sound Design lecture with Wolfgang Schloegl we had to compose a signature piece for the ORF Series „Schhool of Champions“ trailer.

In Prototyping & implementation I created a model of the Arena Wien Open Air stage, including the sound system, in EASE to have a look at acoustic properties and to compare different subwoofer constellations.

During our Virtual Music Space Workshop as part of the Summer School, Jakob Moisl and me composed and recorded the emotion Anger for the Project Finding Emo. In this project our goal was to create an immersive an interactive virtual space, where one can interact with the seven core emotions (based on Paul Ekman’s research).