Matthias Krenn

I am a sound designer and audio engineer from Austria, currently based in Vienna. Recently I completed the Audio Engineering Diploma at the SAE Institute Vienna, where I gathered hands-on experience in manifold audio projects, ranging from classic studio-based recording sessions and movie post-production to designing SFX and implementation in video game engines. 

The masterclass “Audio Design” gives me an opportunity to branch out even further and expand my knowledge towards areas in the realm of audio which I have not yet explored while simultaneously putting me into contact with like-minded people in creative fields.

1st Semester Project

Brain Waves

The project “Brain Waves” explores the fact that our brain constantly sends out waves. These waves are the result of synchronised electrical impulses with which neutrons communicate between themselves. Therefore processes within our brains are linked with specific oscillation frequencies. 

The audiovisual installation aims to confront the visitor with a new perspective on the matter, by translating these frequencies and portraying them using visual and auditive media. Additionally, by making the installation interactive, a personal confrontation with the subject matter was encouraged.

2nd Semester Project

Ambisonics Pipe Organ

The initial idea was informed by considerations regarding the preservation of unusual and curious instruments. It has since branched out in order to implement innovative 3D-Audio Technology.

The recording of the sound of the organ was done at Sankt Pölten Cathedral (Dompfarre zu St. Pölten). Recording was done with a „DaVinci-Head“, a binaural head with omni-directional microphones. This was used to capture the organists perspective of the sound.

Simultaneously a Zylia ZM-1 Multichannel Microphone was used to record the sound and allow a comparison of two listening positions in one digital instrument.

The final product is a Kontakt 6 Instrument which in combination with REAPER allows the player to play a blend of pipe organ registers and switch listening positions. Since the Zylia Microphone recorded 3rd order ambisonics (16-channel) files, one could easily implement a headtracker and experience a different soundfield through rotational changes.

Kontakt 6
Sparta Plugin Suite
Adobe Audition

Zylia ZM-1
DaVinci Head MK2
SSL 2 Audio Interface


In the course of the seminar „Tun, Forschen, Gründen“ we were encouraged to either initiate a project or use our skills to help with the project of someone else.

In this case I chose to design and implement the sound effects for a game developed in collaboration by a group of students hailing from different master classes of the university.

The sounds were designed in Ableton Live and implemented in Unity through WWISE integration.

Unity (Unity Teams)
Ableton Live
Izotope RX