Michael Leeb-Hebaus

My Name is Michael Leeb-Hebaus. I am an Audio Engineer based in Vienna and Eisenstadt in Austria. I finished my Bachelors Degree at the FH St.Pölten in Mediatechnology in 2019 and since then attend the Masterclass Audio Design.

I work as an live audio technician and my passions are live sound engineering and live recordings.

Semesterprojekt 1 – Ænima

Ænima is an audio-based art installation in which music is made visible through sound waves. The installation is powered and controlled with a raspberry pie controller which activates a relais with pumps. The pumps transport paint to the top of two Pioneer speakers and the sound waves of the music played throw the paint onto a canvas.

Software and Hardware used:
Ableton Live 10
Raspberry Pie 4
WayinTop automatic watering system
KKmoon Transmitter
Pioneer CS-3070 S (2x)
Pioneer A-50DA